Butler's Uniform Policy 2013-14
Tuesday, August 13, 2013




·       A polo style shirt with short or long sleeves.

       Green, White, Yellow or Black v-crewneck sweater or sweater-vest.

·       Green, White, Yellow or Black button-down oxford or broadcloth shirt for layering.

·       Blazer: A standard Black blazer may be worn for special events. It can be worn with the school logo on the left chest pocket.

·       Coats and jackets must be removed at the door. These items may be stored in a book bag or placed on the back of the student’s chair.

·       If students are cold in certain classes, they may wear a fleece or knit cardigan in White, Green, Yellow or Black. Cardigans can have buttons or zippers.

·       All cardigans must fit with the waist of the garment worn at the student’s waist.


·       Pants: Khaki in Black, Tan or blue

·       Khaki Skirts Girls may choose to wear a uniform khaki skirt in black, navy or tan.

·       Pleated skirts: The pleated skirt option can be A-line from Land’s End School Uniform Catalog or at Educational Outfitters.

·       Short/Skorts: ONLY Khaki in Black or Tan UNIFORM shorts/skorts (pleated front or plain front) from the listed vendors’ UNIFORM line are acceptable.

·       Cargo pants are NOT permitted.

·       Undershirts or camisoles must be white and not be visible under the uniform.

·       The school tie: A green or black tie from the preferred vendors (it matches the girls’ skirts) are the only acceptable ties.

·       Shoes: Solid color brown, black, or white sneakers or low-heeled shoes (not above 2”). Laces must match or be similar to the ones that came with shoes. All shoes must be closed toe. Sandals, boots, high heeled shoes, stiletto heels, flip flops or “house slippers” are NOT permitted.

·       Socks, tights, or hose must be worn with shoes at all times. Socks, tights or hose must be solid in the following colors: black, brown, or white.

·       Belts: Solid brown or black belts MUST be worn if the item has belt loops. The belts are to be no wider than 2” and the belt buckles are to be no wider than the belt (2”) and NOT feature any logo or insignia. Belts must also fit the students’ waist and not hang over more than 3 inches.

·       Any jewelry worn must be small and understated. Face and tongue piercing are not permitted.


Suggested Vendors

Preferred Vendors

Dress Code

The following stores and catalogs have been contacted and should stock uniform items:

·       Wal-Mart (Huntsville Area)

·       Target (Huntsville area)

·       Belks (Huntsville)

·       Burlington Coat Factory

·       Dickies uniform catalog

·       Cititrends

·       Old Navy

·       Marty’s

·       Walmart.com and Target.com also have an online uniform catalog.






Land’s End Catalog:

·       Go to : www.landsend.com/school

·       A school code 900150469 will be provided to parents (PTSA will provide the code). Then, parents will click on “find your school’s dress code” and all acceptable school uniform items are listed and many can have the school logo embroidered on them by highlighting it in the Logo. Preference drop-down menu.

·       Educational Outfitters

(97 Hughes Road, Madison,

across from the Skate Park near Madison Blvd.)


·       No uniform piece should have any logo, insignia, or brand name visible on the outside other than the approved school crest.

·       All shirts must be tucked in.

·       All skirts, shorts, and skorts must be at the knee or longer.

·       School-sponsored teams, school organizations, or school spirit-wear are permitted everyday of the week (Approved by principal)

·       Knit cardigan or fleece jackets are permitted during the school day.

·       Clothes must be appropriate size, with waist of garment worn at student's waist. Oversized clothing and sagging is not permitted.



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